Golf Lessons with PGA Professional Virgil Herring

Virgil Herring has instructed Masters participants, PGA Tour players, LPGA Tour players, and champion college golfers.

Do you want to golf like the greats? It starts with learning the keys to a great golf swing that you can repeat on the course. If you want to hit longer, straighter shots, contact Virgil today to schedule a golf lesson. Don’t let your potential be wasted!

Virgil uses state-of-the art Trackman technology in his comfortable, air-conditioned indoor facility. 

Virgil worked with PGA Tour player Brandt Snedeker from 2000-2007 and Tour players Harry Taylor, Brad Fabel, Cliff Kresge, Vance Veazey, Garrett Willis, Bob Wolcott, Kim Williams and Megan Grehan. 

Virgil Herring is also a sought-after public speaker on athletic coaching, golf, life lessons, success, and motivation.

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